The Fortune Image.

What is an Image?  I say an image is a reflection of what is and what was – it has the power to define perception. The Fortune Image captures photographic and print images to make sure your business products, magazine articles, brochures and websites are always reflected in the best light. Your image  enhanced by The Fortune Image


This website is a collection of work by me, Frank Fortune. As a professional commercial photographer for over 34 years, there are not many photographic situations with which I don't have experience. I have showcased them here along with my other business expertise: advertising, marketing and video. 

Growing up in Augusta, Georgia, I come from a family of artists. Both my grandmother and her sister were professional artists and authors of several books that are still in print today. My father, although a physicist by day, loved photography and introduced it to me in high school. It wasn't long before we had the downstairs bathroom torn up and converted to a makeshift darkroom. It was there I learned that I was skilled enough at it to make good money and the hook was set. 

In college, at Georgia Southern College and then at the University of Georgia, my photographic talents began to mature.  Working in the GSC Public Relations Office, the University of Georgia Athletic Dept., the Pandora Yearbook staff and as a photographer for the University Police, I was ready for a career as a professional photographer.  Two weeks after graduating with an Advertising and Marketing degree from UGA, I became Director of Photographic Services at Georgia Southern College in January of 1981 and retired from there (now GSU) in April of 2009.

During those years, I started a commercial advertising business that included not only photography but a host of other services - advertising, brochure layout and design, mail order hosting and professional video production. In May of 2009 I purchased a studio house in Statesboro, Georgia and have been there full-time since. 

After all these years I still love creating great images. I am energized by people and love the interaction when photographing them. As a photographer I have access to so many places I never would otherwise.  One day I might find myself photographing a local event, the next day the President of the United States, and then finishing out the week hanging over a 70 foot crane photographing a super tanker six states away.  It is something different every day and that's what I find so exciting and satisfying about this profession. 

I give 110 percent effort to capture and create the best images possible. My photography is a reflection of me and my work ethic. No matter how large or small the job, I'm going to bring my "A" game to make sure you are enhanced by The Fortune Image.  

I look forward to meeting your image needs. Call, text or email, anytime.